Yoga for Hockey

YOGA FOR HOCKEY –  As many athletes are starting to build their off season training plan, try adding a few of these simple yoga postures to your regular routine or cool-down.  These asanas are intended to promote strength, flexibility and breath control, to make getting the puck down the ice a breeze. Hold each pose for five full breathes to build strength, flexibility and focus.

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What Can Tabata Training Do For You?

Aside from burning off pounds and pounds of excess body-fat, Tabata Training can help you:

  • Improve your cardiovascular function (aerobic endurance)
  • Improve your anaerobic endurance
  • Improve your muscular endurance
  • Make you strong and fit and look fantastic

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43 Best Body Weight Exercises Ever!

BEST BODY WEIGHT EXERCISES ! From the average gym goer to the more experienced.  We are always faced with a moment when we run out of exercises.  Whether we don’t have many workouts to warm up on or we lack those key cool down workouts that really emphasize your day at the gym.

This is a wonderful video outlining 44! OF THE BEST BODY WEIGHT EXERCISES!

WATCH THE VIDEO AND TAKE NOTES OF THE ONES YOU LIKE – this is a wonderful resource to use when in need of an extra workout or two to give your day that extra little something.


Below I have listed all 44 workouts in the order that they appear – whenever in need pick a handful of them and….

try to either complete each workout for a given time (eg 30 seconds, 1 minute, 2 minutre) or for a set number of reps (eg 10, 20, 30)


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Try this weekend workout circuit that is simple and effective.  Skipping rope 50 times and completing 25 pushups does not seem like a very daunting task when done individually. However combining the two exercises and completing two sets can give your body the jump start it needs on the weekend to get yourself up and into the gym.

Complete 2 sets of: 50 Skipping repetitions and 25 Pushups – Time yourself and track your results

We often make excuses that we don’t have time to complete a workout on our weekends.  This is a quick and effective workout that you can complete at your own pace and make constant improvements on.




Try this focused barbell workout.  As the old saying goes “why reinvent the wheel?”  This simple principle is often not applied to our everyday life as often as it should be.  Commonly many individuals constantly seek to innovate on existing ideas and methods.  Insisting on the fact that something can always be made or done better.  It is important to remember the basics and never forget the foundations that everything was built upon.

Speaking in terms of the gym, it is difficult to pin point where weight training first began and how or what was used to achieve any particular goal.  It is safe to say however, that somewhere along the origin of weight lifting the barbell was created.  A distant ancestor who walked many miles to access water; could have one day used a stick to hold two containers of water, that one day became the first prototypes of what we know as the barbell.

A tool so simple and effective, that many generations and groups of people adopted it to fulfill their own societal or fitness needs.  This brings me to my current thought of the barbell being the proverbial wheel of the gym we know today.  In the last few years we have seen an influx of new machines, new workout techniques, and different blends of workouts and a complete butchery of the fundamentals involved in building a strong workout routine.

As a result this has caused more confusion then clarity for new comers in the gym scene.  Furthermore pushing the seasoned gym goers into believing their routine needs a constant update from the latest techniques and workouts available on the internet.  This workout routine is all about going back to the basics.  A full body workout, set up for 2 days of upper body routines and 2 days of lower body routines.  However the whole program consists only of a barbell and the most basic of movements.  If your looking for something new, try going back to the old!


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Mental Training for Athletes

Mental training can be done using visualization to see yourself in your “ideal” state. Making a shot in basketball, hitting a ball for a home run, making a perfect drive in golf or simply being totally focused on game day. Some visualization is done before the actual attempt like hitting a ball in baseball. Others are impossible to do it that time due to time constraints so they are visualized at a different time, usually on a daily basis as a routine. This mental training technique is sometimes called “Power Visualization” and can be extremely effective. It is used by athletes, business people and even for completing basic goals in people’s lives.


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The main purpose of our core is not to enable flexion in the spine, but to stabilize it.  In fact the main reason why we are able to stand tall and not slouch over due to gravity, is in large part thanks to our core stabilizing muscles.  Essentially every bodily movement is aided by the strength of our core.  Yet it is remarkable to think how many people leave this out of their weekly routine.

To improve your results in the gym as well as accomplish your goals, one must work their muscles in respect to their function.  The following workouts ignore the flexion of the spine and focus on working all the core muscles involved in spinal stabilization.  I will be posting a series of work outs so keep your eye out and feel free to share your own workouts.

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THE 10 – 20 – 30 CHALLENGE

With school back in session and warm days slowly leaving us.  It is important to prepare for days in which we don’t have as much free time to workout.

Instead of skipping a day, try this short and intense workout that we are sharing courtesy of

We often skip days and allow ourselves to slide, because we feel that the only way to get a good workout is to be in the gym environment.  Too workout for extended periods of time and not miss any part of the usual routine.

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Off season/Weekend Workout

At home off season/weekend workout:

This program is designed to assist athletes with their quickness, agility and explosiveness.  It is a fast paced high intensity workout that can take anywhere from 10 – 12 minutes to complete.  This is a program that should be routinely completed for 8 – 12 weeks to see the full benefits of the program.  This program can be practiced anywhere, so don’t make excuses! The results will be noticeable.

This workout should be completed 2 – 4 days a week depending on how intense your current routine is.  Allow enough time for rest and recovery.  Complete each set and rep as quickly as possible, with the mindset of becoming faster and stronger.  Chart each day’s numbers to track your success.

Get competitive and find someone to workout with for optimal results.

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