Whether you are the party requesting an independent medical assessment or the individual who will undergo the exam, both may have a lot of queries about the process. Here are the answers to some of the common questions.

What is an Independent Medical Assesment?

An independent medical assessment (also known as IME or independent medical examination) is an objective, third-party medical exam that can be requested by insurance companies, HR managers, lawyers, benefits providers, or employers. In any case, this process is conducted when an employee has been injured and needs third-party documentation to either confirm the diagnosis or extent of injuries. The final report is often used to approve or deny benefits, settlements, and coverage to the individual.

Who Organizes an IME?

In general, a medical assessment is organized and managed by an IME service company who are expert at doing independent medical evaluation process. The patient (ex. insurer) will contact the company to manage an independent medical assessment for an individual examinee. The company is responsible for finding highly-qualified doctors that are within the geographical location of the examinee’s.

The IME company will obtain medical reports from the doctor and provide them safely to the client.

Who Conducts an IME?

Medical assessments can only be done by a health care provider (usually a physician) who has IME training and has been identified as an authorized IME provider. The physician will perform a complete medical examination and include your medical history in the report. 

What Can You Expect from the Examination?

The primary goal of the medical evaluation is for the doctor to assess your symptoms related to your illness, accident, or injury. The physician will determine your ability to function and respond mentally and physically to various tasks. They may make restrictions or recommendations on your ability to perform everyday activities at home or work.

The examining doctor will conduct the assessment objectively and with respect for all parties involved. He will perform routine procedures such as confirming your identity, explaining the details of the process, stating the party that requested the IME and reporting of the exam.