The Interim Federal Health Program is an impermanent health insurance program designed only for protected persons, refugees, and refugee petitioners in Canada.

Since 2012 June, the federal government has enforced the changes to the program resulting in the elimination of health care coverage for numerous refugees and refugee claimants.

Through IFHP, more than 5,600 asylum-seekers have obtained services before being eligible for refugee status.

We at Bodymed understands the importance of providing refuge to those fleeing from violence, persecution, and war-torn countries. And that’s the reason we are at the forefront of refugee resettlement in Canada.

Bodymed Rehabilitation Centre Inc believes in Humanity First is the humanitarian and we are the one who plays the leading role to support physiotherapy services to refugee patients in Canada under the Interim Federal Health Program.

The physiotherapists at Bodymed are registered and licensed IFHP health service provider.
Throughout the years, Bodymed has attended refugees from diverse communities arriving in Canada from any corner of the world.