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Physiotherapy Delivered Via Video Conferencing



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What Really Is Virtual Physiotherapy?

Our Physiotherapist connects with the patient on a 1-to-1 video conferencing session and provides individualized treatment. The physiotherapist provides complete individual attention and checks if virtual physiotherapy will work for you or not. Post the video session, video exercises may be prescribed to you and a highly specialized platform keeps track of your progress. Lot of patients have benefitted immensely from our virtual care program and kept their pain levels in check.


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Benefits of Virtual Care vs. In-Person Appointments

Virtual Care services offer several advantages for physiotherapy patients, such as:

  • Highly individualized undivided attention of the therapist
  • Removes accessibility and/or mobility barriers
  • Connects you with service providers regardless of location
  • Protects your privacy through safeguards and robust policies
  • Reduces travel time while still ensuring you receive quality care



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Does My Insurance Company Cover Virtual Care?

Most extended health insurance companies are providing coverage for virtual care. Please reach out to your benefits provider to inquire about your coverage limits for virtual physiotherapy. You can also call us on 905-265-8870 to find out more about coverage.


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