For most women (pregnant or not) massage therapy is an amazing treatment option when addressing different pain issues. When speaking of expecting mothers, the most common aches and pains are felt muscularly, with hip and pelvis pain, leg cramps, swollen feet, ankles, hands or face, headaches, along with a wide range of other difficulties.

There are many benefits to prenatal massage, including; reduced levels of stress hormones (norepinephrine) and anxiety levels; decreased back and leg pain; increased fluid circulation (lymphatic)  from limbs; increased levels of the “feel-good” hormones (serotonin and dopamine); and improved sleep.

At BodyMED Rehabilitation Centre our therapists take extra care to insure that our future moms are very comfortable before, during and after their massage.  Specialized tables, pillows and props are used to find the most comfort during your prenatal massage therapy.

Not only is treatment given on the table through manual massage techniques, relief of pain between appointments is hopefully achieved by giving moms some gentle stretches or strengthening movements after the massage to try and complete at home. After birth (postnatal) mothers and fathers are welcome to book a 30 minute tutorial from our registered massage therapist to teach parents how to give their new born(s) a lovely massage. There are many benefits to introducing this touch to newborns and the main one is for the father, or the non baring spouse to bond through the power of touch.  We would also like to offer the choice of taking a YogaMED postnatal workout to get moms back to a healthy active lifestyle, which can be done with or without your new born.


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