Ryan Giggs: 3 Benefits of Yoga

Ryan Giggs talks about the influence that Yoga has had in his career. He credits Yoga for how well his body has been able to hold up the last 7 years. Without it, Giggs would be a retired footballer. 3 reasons why Yoga is important for Soccer.

Benefits of Yoga for Athletes:

1) Increase Core Strength Yoga poses are all about building core strength. The slow, focused movements require a strong mid-section and the isometric contractions of many exercises will add a new form of resistance training to your typical machine-based workouts. For any athlete, the core is the most important muscle to stay strong, it allows your upper body to move cohesively with your lower body. Your lower body can’t work properly with a weak core and vice versa, your upper body can’t function properly without a strong core. That’s why soccer players are known for their abs because it’s the sport where you need to utilize every part of your body, with yoga, your core strength will reach a new level of strength.

2) Increase Flexibility and Range of Motion Yoga routines incorporate slow, steady flexibility exercise that is ideal for athletes. Frequent yoga training will increase flexibility, and range of motion while relieving muscle tension. Whether you’re goalie or striker, improved range of motion will help improve performance. With an increase in flexibility and range of motion, your chances of getting injured decreases as mentioned by Giggs.

3) Improve Balance Yoga is a perfect way to incorporate balance exercises into your training routine. Balance exercises are often overlooked by athletes, but are one of the most effective ways to correct muscle imbalance or body mechanic problems. With most sports and weight training routines you tend to perform repetitive motions that develop some muscle groups while others are ignored. Yoga can fix these imbalances. Especially after an injury whether it be surgical or not, your body will develop some imbalances and yoga will help you level back out whatever imbalances you have.

If you can find a yoga class near you, I recommend doing it at least once a week.

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