Try this focused barbell workout.  As the old saying goes “why reinvent the wheel?”  This simple principle is often not applied to our everyday life as often as it should be.  Commonly many individuals constantly seek to innovate on existing ideas and methods.  Insisting on the fact that something can always be made or done better.  It is important to remember the basics and never forget the foundations that everything was built upon.

Speaking in terms of the gym, it is difficult to pin point where weight training first began and how or what was used to achieve any particular goal.  It is safe to say however, that somewhere along the origin of weight lifting the barbell was created.  A distant ancestor who walked many miles to access water; could have one day used a stick to hold two containers of water, that one day became the first prototypes of what we know as the barbell.

A tool so simple and effective, that many generations and groups of people adopted it to fulfill their own societal or fitness needs.  This brings me to my current thought of the barbell being the proverbial wheel of the gym we know today.  In the last few years we have seen an influx of new machines, new workout techniques, and different blends of workouts and a complete butchery of the fundamentals involved in building a strong workout routine.

As a result this has caused more confusion then clarity for new comers in the gym scene.  Furthermore pushing the seasoned gym goers into believing their routine needs a constant update from the latest techniques and workouts available on the internet.  This workout routine is all about going back to the basics.  A full body workout, set up for 2 days of upper body routines and 2 days of lower body routines.  However the whole program consists only of a barbell and the most basic of movements.  If your looking for something new, try going back to the old!


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