Try this weekend workout circuit that is simple and effective.  Skipping rope 50 times and completing 25 pushups does not seem like a very daunting task when done individually. However combining the two exercises and completing two sets can give your body the jump start it needs on the weekend to get yourself up and into the gym.

Complete 2 sets of: 50 Skipping repetitions and 25 Pushups – Time yourself and track your results

We often make excuses that we don’t have time to complete a workout on our weekends.  This is a quick and effective workout that you can complete at your own pace and make constant improvements on.




The main purpose of our core is not to enable flexion in the spine, but to stabilize it.  In fact the main reason why we are able to stand tall and not slouch over due to gravity, is in large part thanks to our core stabilizing muscles.  Essentially every bodily movement is aided by the strength of our core.  Yet it is remarkable to think how many people leave this out of their weekly routine.

To improve your results in the gym as well as accomplish your goals, one must work their muscles in respect to their function.  The following workouts ignore the flexion of the spine and focus on working all the core muscles involved in spinal stabilization.  I will be posting a series of work outs so keep your eye out and feel free to share your own workouts.

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