Physiotherapy is the key to restoring movement, maintaining physical function, relieving pain and preventing further injury.  Physiotherapy is essential in the success of one’s recovery whether they suffer from chronic illness, workplace injuries, Motor vehicle accidents, musculoskeletal disorders or sports related injuries.

At BodyMED our highly trained staff will compile an in-depth evaluation that may include your health history, evaluation of pain and movement, strength and joint range of motion to adapt a rehabilitation program that directly relates our patient’s individualized needs.

Here are 10 benefits of using regular physiotherapy

  1. Eliminate or minimize your pain
  2. Muscle flexibility restored
  3. Muscle strength restored
  4. Joint range of motion restored
  5. Increased function at work and play
  6.  Increased endurance at work and play
  7. Peace of mind
  8. Being able to sleep uninterrupted and free of pain at night
  9. Discontinue or reduce your medication consumption
  10. Return to playing your favorite sport


If searching for registered Physiotherapy in the Mississauga or Vaughan area, look no further.  We value and appreciate each and every one of our patients.