Soccer is an extremely intense and physically demanding sport.  Players often run several kilometers per game depending on their position and field time.  As a result, many players and teams must create specialized fitness programs to meet the demands of the sport.

Usually soccer players have very tight adductors and tight hip flexors.  As a result, majority of the injuries a soccer player will experience are caused by these factors.  More elasticity in the tissues will prevent more of the groin, upper leg, and hip injuries that are common to these athletes.  Another factor involved in many of the injuries experienced by soccer players, is the imbalance in the use of legs.  Soccer is a lopsided sport.  Most players are one leg dominant, meaning most of the time they are kicking with one leg and planting with the other. They use their hip flexors and quads on one leg, and glutes and hamstrings on the planting leg. This causes many issues with both the hip and the spine.

Not only is Yoga a powerful tool for conditioning programs,
but the true benefits lie in injury prevention and maintenance of the overall body

yoga soccer

Keeping these factors in mind, it is our goal with YogaMED – Soccer to create a Yoga practice that is customized to meet the needs of a Soccer player and then adapt this practice to suit the individual fitness goals or rehabilitative needs.  At BodyMED we offer this unique Yoga practice in a medically-supervised environment.  Our health care professionals supervise and implement all training protocols as a part of your Physiotherapy or Chiropractic care.  Yoga practiced consistently –  improves all these factors and is extremely effective in releasing tension in our muscles and correcting muscle imbalances.


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