43 Best Body Weight Exercises Ever!

BEST BODY WEIGHT EXERCISES ! From the average gym goer to the more experienced.  We are always faced with a moment when we run out of exercises.  Whether we don’t have many workouts to warm up on or we lack those key cool down workouts that really emphasize your day at the gym.

This is a wonderful video outlining 44! OF THE BEST BODY WEIGHT EXERCISES!

WATCH THE VIDEO AND TAKE NOTES OF THE ONES YOU LIKE – this is a wonderful resource to use when in need of an extra workout or two to give your day that extra little something.


Below I have listed all 44 workouts in the order that they appear – whenever in need pick a handful of them and….

try to either complete each workout for a given time (eg 30 seconds, 1 minute, 2 minutre) or for a set number of reps (eg 10, 20, 30)


  1. Mountain climbers
  2. Dragon walk
  3. Jumping Lunges
  4. Pike roll out
  5. Burpees
  6. Hanging knee to elbow
  7. Frozen V-sit
  8. Spiderman pushup
  9. Single leg burpee
  10. Hindu pushups
  11. Diamond pushups
  12. lawnmower extension
  13. Archer pushup
  14. Fingertip pushup
  15. Hanging leg raise
  16. Clapping pushup
  17. Single leg box jump
  18. Chest tap pushup
  19. Archer pullup
  20. Clapping pullup
  21. Crucifix pushup
  22. Hanging wipers
  23. Hanging leg raise to lever
  24. One arm hanging leg lifts
  25. Pistol squat
  26. L-seat
  27. Maui thai pushups
  28. Dragon flags
  29. Ab crunch shredder dips
  30. Triple clap pushups
  31. Lalanne pushups
  32. Muscle ups
  33. Standing ab wheel roll outs
  34. Body weight tricep extension
  35. One arm pushup
  36. One arm, one leg push up
  37. Thigh slap pushup
  38. Aztec pushup
  39. Superman pushup
  40. Hannibal for king leg flutters
  41. One handed clap pushup
  42. Back flip burpees
  43. 360 degree pushups


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