YogaMED is a series of asanas or postures which use breath to focus the mind. This brings self-awareness and stress relief by deepening the connection between mind and body.

An introductory class will be completed to become familiar with the different postures and transitions.  Goals or intentions will be addressed and a unique series will be developed and instructed to help you achieve your goals.

To ensure our health professionals stay actively involved in your yoga practice, it is a BodyMED requirement for all patients to follow a set criteria for the YogaMED program.

An initial assessment must first be completed by either our Physiotherapist or Chiropractor.  This ensures our team gains a complete understanding regarding your goals, strengths, and limitations.  Short sessions of yoga will be complimented with treatment from either our Physiotherapist or Chiropractor.  These closely monitored sessions are to ensure we stay within the limits of our patients’ abilities before graduating onto the second phase of our YogaMED program.

In the second phase of the YogaMED program, patients will complete a 40 minute session of yoga that builds on previous postures.  Our Physiotherapist or Chiropractor will assess your health and fitness status before and/or after each session to ensure we are working towards your specific goals.

Here is a video of the basic flow used in the clinic:

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